1113 Sofia

33 Nikola Mirchev Str.
Tel.: 02 / 862 40 64
Fax: 02 / 862 46 22

Pharmaceutical Plants Milve Ltd. founded in 1997 г. by Stoyan Georgiev Milevski, with main activity manufacture and trade of pharmaceutical and chemical products.       The Company's priority markets are Bulgarian market and the markets of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, where it has settled strong positions and significant market shares.       "Pharmaceutical Plants Milve" Ltd. produce a wide range of medicinal products with various therapeutic functions: vasodilator nerve, diuretics, drugs for treatment of :

  • tuberculosis
  • analgetics
  • antipyretics
  • antiacid
  • antiparkinson
  • antithrombose and antirheumatic products
  • medicines for maintaining therapy of neuritis
  • polineuritis and neuralgia
  • treatment of deficiency of iron and folic acid

      Company's product list contains mostly well-known and large-consumption medicines as well as imported drugs, which have no Bulgarian therapeutic analogs. The product list continuously extends due to the introduction of new production lines, development of new medicinal products and joint manufacture of imported trade marks.   Up-to-date equipment, modern procedures, and highly qualified personnel assure the manufacturing profitability and the low price levels. The obtained Certificate for manufacturing according to the European standards for Good Manufacturing practice (GMP) is a guarantee for the high quality of the products and their competitive power.